Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Fast and Furious Movie Trailer

Vien Diesel and Paul Walker - Fast and Furious MovieA second, full length trailer of Fast and Furious, aka Fast and Furious 4, has been released:


This Spring

Beyond loyalty,
Beyond borders,
Beyond limits!

This new Fast and Furious trailer is much better. And the film clearly promises a lot of action: Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are driving, kicking and alive like hell!

But I miss the spirit of the very first movie where it was all about showing marvelous cars and gorgeous girls... Still, I'm thrilled that Fast and Furious is coming back to theaters soon. And I'm sure that this Fast and Furious movie does have great cars and amazing pretty girls!


Anton said...

What song is in the trailer? Towards the end..

Anonymous said...

crank that soulja boy

Lilith said...

LOL. I went to watch the movie today. It was a screening for the critics, but I didn't stay. It was a school night, so I left right before it started.