Monday, 25 August 2008

Fast and Furious Official Trailer

Fast and FuriousThe official trailer of Fast and Furious 4 has been released. And oh my God what a relief! It looks much better than the leaked one. Besides the real new song of Fast and Furious is so much more appealing than expected.

Here below the official trailer of Fast and Furious 4:


We can better appreciate the faces of the original cast in this official Fast and Furious trailer. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez (at least for a few scenes) and Jordana Brewster are back: beware of the fast and furious street racers!

By the way the new Fast and Furious song, i mean the soundtrack of this trailer, is the song 'We are Rockstars' by British electro-rock band 'Does It Offend you Yeah?'. You may check a clip of the song below:

We are Rockstars by Does It Offend you Yeah?

By the way you may also watch some spy clips of Fast and Furious.

So glad Vin Diesel is back!


Anonymous said...

Good trailer post, but the soundtrack on the "bootleg video" is way better than the crap being played on the original soundtrack. Wish they'd actually used the Seether song

Dan said...

This movie looks fucking retarded. I would rather burn 10 bucks than sit through another fast and furious.

im sure lots of ppl cant wait to see the fake flames shoot out of a pontiac solstice when someone presses a cigarette lighter nitrous boost.

Anonymous said...

well dan...

you suck if u don't want to see another 'fast and the furious'

Anonymous said...

I thought the had gone up in quality with Tokyo drift (still had it's lies left and right when it comes to drifting...honestly, drifting with a muscle car?). At least that one had enfasis on the racing (Even if the plot sucked for the most part).

This one seems like a huge step back from that O_O

Anonymous said...

Oh Dear, more inspiration for people to fit tat and graphics on their cars.



why are you watching this trailer then you retard?

please have some justification if you are gonna whine about something.

and by the way, films are not real so they do use fake things to make them look real.... duh

Yegs said...

Dan...shutit! Would you rather go watch a chick flick with your boyfriend?

@ anon... who says you can't drift with a muscle car? please do a lil research bout drifting.

i can't wait for this movie to be released here in SA. We get the flippin things alter than the rest.