Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fast and Furious 4 Bootleg Trailer

A bootleg version of the Fast and Furious 4 trailer currently shown in front of Death Race has leaked online.

Here below the leaked bootleg trailer of Fast and Furious 4:

Update: The official Fast and Furious trailer has been released, you may watch it at:

And be aware that the guy who made the bootleg below (in case you'd still watch it) changed the original Fast and Furious song for some crappy music...

Next Summer 2009,

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster



New model, original parts!

This new opus of the Fast and Furious movie series is definitely promising.The action is explosive in Fast and Furious 4! The pace of this plot suits the dynamic personality of a dynamic actor such as Vin Diesel!

Unfortunately I am not that much enthusiast about the soundtrack they chose for this Fast and Furious trailer... The song in Tokyo Drift was so much better. (not the real song thanks God!)


Tim said...

That isn't the song used in the trailer.

Anonymous said...

It's possible to download it please?

Anonymous said...

The song on the trailer shown theatrically is: Does It Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars

Who ever bootlegged the trailer mixed another song.

Anonymous said...

The trailer is now online in high quality. And no, the song on the bootleg trailer isn't the original, the music on the official trailer is better.


Anonymous said...

A real band beats that techno synth crap anyday.

Anonymous said...

lol...You guys are bitching about the music he dubed to the's better than the gay original shit

Anonymous said...

music is the last thing added, most likely he got this sh't before they put the track on it.