Saturday, 16 February 2008

Fast and Furious 4 Spy Videos

Here below some spy videos and undercover snapshots of Fast and Furious 4 which is currently under production:

Taken on the set of FF4: it's from the shooting of the opening funeral scene (Maybe it is Letty's funeral?).

By the way if you were wondering about the word spy in the title: the videos here below have most probably be done with a phone camera. God bless miniaturization and the powerful brotherhood of fans! (well, still need some improvement in miniaturization though, because those videos are kind of low res...)

Fast and Furious 4 Stunt(Click to enlarge.)

Filming of a stunt in the upcoming movie Fast and Furious 4.

This was fast...

And This is furious!

Fast and Furious 4: filming of a race with an American Muscle car performing an astounding wheelie!

If every driver was driving like those guys from fast and Furious 4, Michelin, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Goodyear and other tyre companies would be the richest companies in the world!


Aakash Tyagi said...

thanx for the info dude

Anonymous said...

This film is very good and the cars are fast, we watch this film. And perhaps we'll drive the cars and will feel the Fast and Furious. I LOVE CARS and I watch your films always.



Perhaps you'll come in KOSOVO and visit this new born please come and see the people with your cars!

thewiz453 said...

who does the audio on the "mine's drift " trailer?

Anonymous said...

It'll be Jesse's funeral coz he was killed by Johnny Tran at the end of the fast and the furious

Anonymous said...

i dont think he died

Anonymous said...

It never actaully showed whether Johnny Tran died or not Paul walker checked his pulse and yelled "call 911, YOU CALL 911"

Anonymous said...

Lmao my bad wrong person... um... Jesse.. idk it never said if he died either but it was widely assumed

Anonymous said...

Remember, Vince got blasted too and Brian told Dom that if he didnt get to a hospital soon, basically his chances would be slim too none. Just saying, it maybe could've been him!!